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Have You Been Struggling To Create Your Ideal Life?

Something that I have experienced and so have many of my clients is feeling overwhelmed by a number of opposing views on the internet. So much information, yet so little solution. 

You've probably been going from video to video, coach to coach, book to book, and podcast to podcast hoping you would find the answer, but you end up hearing the same information. 

It's not that it works for everyone else but you. It's not that you're not capable or that you just don't get it. In fact, you know the law word for word. You understand the concepts fully, but life seems to just get worse, right? One day you get movement, then the next couple of weeks, everything seems stagnant or hell.

Here's why - No one is sharing practical solutions that can be used for long-term success. All the techniques and tools that are being shared are hyperfocused on getting fast results without changing the core - Your state of being

Let's get to the core & accelerate your manifestations inside Manifesting School!

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Hi, I'm Rozana!

Certified REBT & NLP Life Coach

If you're ready to cut the bullshit and step into the version of you who is living your dream life, you're at the right place!

Throughout my journey, I have come to realise that despite all the fantastic knowledge and information that's being shared, there was still something missing. Despite my efforts and time, I was seeing little to no results. While the information out there was perfect, the question that kept ringing in my ears was "how do I apply this to my day-to-day life?" 

Through trial and error, and consistent application, I found the answer. I finally cracked the code to implement this every single day without burning out or missing out on life. I finally understood how to manifest my dreams without having to try so hard, and achieve LONG-TERM success. Using what I learned from the law of assumption, quantum physics, and my own personal experiences, I developed an easy, step by step process to help my clients create the life of their dreams following an easy, fun & structured approach that encompasses all aspects of health [mental, physical, emotional & spiritual].

No fluff. Straight to the point approach.

I offer a wide range of services to accommodate as many people as possible. If you like my content and would like to instantly access my email services for a structured, tough-love approach, click on the button below to book coaching.

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Quantum Your Life (QYL)

1-1 Coaching Program - January 2023

My signature 10-week program is unlike ANYTHING I have done before, using my transformative 5-Step Process. It's all about rebranding your life, stepping into the quantum field, having more balance in your life & falling in love with yourself again! 

In This Program, You Will Learn How To:

  • Have unwavering self-concept and self-love 

  • Clear vision of whom you want to be & how you view yourself

  • Practice unconditional love 

  • Release self-judgment 

  • Have an internal balance that allows you to stay on track 

  • End the wavering when you have spiritual, mental & emotional health 

What's Included In The Program?

* 10 Voice Calls

* 10 weeks of DM support

* 4 Meditation Tracks

* Exclusive workbook

* EFT Masterclass

* Quantum Physics Masterclass

* Sleep Affirmation Tape: Success In All Areas

* Customised plans

* Bonuses & Freebies!

Warning: Tough Love!

Please note that this program is limited to 6 people only. If you would like to start your first month of 2023 with massive transformation, and growth, send in your application to be reviewed and to save your spot!

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Client Testimonials

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My review is based on the unlimited coaching for 30days with Rose. Rose has been such an inspiration and amazing coach. Just the questionnaire and package she put together when you first join help break down some moments I needed to see. It was like an “oh wow I never thought of that” moment after reading it. The whole package Is set up so it’s perfect and easy to read and understand. She is wonderful at coaching and takes the time to talk and hear you out without sugar-coating anything. She breaks it down to the point. Her affirmations are custom to your story which she takes the time to write and really helps solve deep issues. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to seriously change their face and their self-concept to sign up for her unlimited coaching


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Courses & Meditations Available!

Time to overhaul your entire life! Grab one of my self-study courses to practice embodiment, manifest true love & your dream body!​ New meditations are now available to get the love of your life AND keep them for life!

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