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"I reached out to Rose after seeing her stories, I loved how she seemed to care about her followers enough to provide free material. The 1st email I received from Rose - I felt so aligned and so calm and since then I've had things unfolding with such ease. She always responds at her earliest convenience and I've always felt heard by her and like a priority. If you make the decision to coach with Rose (which I truly think you should) just take a look at the times she replies to emails - often the very early hours in the morning which just shows me that this isn't a 9-5 business for her it's who she is. I also joined the patreon because I love her energy and it's a wonderful safe place to ask Qs, to read and hear her insights on the Law and to remind yourselves of who you truly are"


RoZana has assisted me on how to gain my self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love and how to manifest my SP back. I did all that she has told me to do from day one and it is now something I incorporate in my lifestyle now. I now have a deep understanding how Manifestation works and how to go about feeling in the wish fulfilled in all areas I needed work on. I look at myself in the mirror and proud of the woman I am today. I can honestly say, it was so beneficial because it has changed how I view myself and know I can have anything I deserve and desire when my mind is fully trained in a positive way. She said nothing can stop you, but your fears and it is okay to fear but immediately refer to your affirmations. I have done small Manifestations to see how it works and it does because 
I will always be grateful and blessed to have connected to RoZana. It was destined to happen for our lives to cross, because my soul needed help and she was brought to me. She has made positive and drastic changes to my life that has made me the confident person I am today. She is well educated in how to assist someone in their goals and dreams. She never gives up on her clients.


Rozanas coaching really assisted me and continues to assist me with understanding how even my thoughts around manifesting are influencing my reality! She has unique ways of expressing this concept which make it clearer and easier to understand on a multitude of levels.

Thank you @ Manifesting with Rose for assisting me in my manifestation experience! 


I have been so blessed to have Rose as my coach. I know I wouldn’t have gotten through my doubts, my limiting beliefs, concerns, my stubbornness lol !! 

 I have been watching manifestation coaches on YouTube and learning as I go. But I didn’t understand it and needed someone to connect the dots for me. Rose, was definitely this person. She has pushed my understanding and allowed me to understand manifesting. Her constant check ups on me to see how I have progressed are always on time, her constant video and article suggestions come in the time when I need them the most and about the topic I am thinking about, (if you didn’t check it, her kindness as a coach is helping me realize Everyone is you pushed out). 

With her I have manifested:

•Cancellation of boring Meetings.

•Getting free food (tons of free food).

•understanding my POWER and who I am!

•more laughter in my life.

•manifesting business success and confidence in my power and myself.

•free books.

•Removal of a toxic friend, who is still around because of the same entrepreneurial business team BUT the need the lack of having this friend in my life is gone. Can we say self love. 🥰

•more fullfilling relationships in my life. 

•More people around me mentioning manifesting and techniques to use. Manifesting in my reality is becoming normal because everyone is me pushed out.

•MOST IMPORTANTLY, releasing the lack, neediness, and desperation towards my SP.

     I am happy now! Just like I would be when I get all of my manifestations.

*****Getting coaching with her so you understand states and how to know what state you’re in and how to be in the state you want**** 



I just want to thank you so much for your kindness and amazing support and coaching. 

Before coaching with you I was lost , unclear on who I want and what I want with my music and future career. 

Your coaching has helped me not only be clear on exactly what I want in terms of career and SP but I manifested a new SP and a DM from one of the biggest singers in the Arab countries asking me if I wanted to work professionally for him !!! 

The new SP ticks all my boxes and things are going amazing and I am so excited for my music dream to come true!!

It’s only the start but you have genuinely  changed my life and as mentioned before I did get coaching in the past from multiple coaches and I never had the genuine caring and authentic support like yours from anyone else. 

I will be forever grateful!


I just wanted to let you know how amazing I feel right now since starting your course. [SP Workbook]

So...after the first week I’d worked on my self concept so much that I totally lost my desire for my SP. i did alot of soul searching and from my meditations I had a massive epiphany. 

I was searching outside of myself for love to feel whole but I AM WHOLE and I AM LOVE.  When people used to say this to me i’d turn off and be like ‘yea but i want my sp’. 

This is exactly what I realised and how I did it: i went deep into relaxation and asked myself - why do i want this relationship? Okay, it’s to give me a specific feeling right? So then i dug a little deeper and asked: what is this feeling i’m searching for? How would i feel if I was in a happy committed relationship? 

BINGO: my answer came to me at the speed of light, and it was something i’d never affirmed; the answer was: I would feel blissfully secure, and have inner peace.

So the past week or so i’ve been reminding myself that I am blissfully secure and at peace, content and safe. I am loved, and I am love. It was also such an AHA moment of THIS IS WHAT NEVILLE MEANS WHEN HE SAYS FEELING IS THE SECRET!!! 

I genuinely think the majority of the SP community would feel how I feel if they did the same thing as me. It’s about changing your story to the girl/guy who is ALWAYS chosen, loved, secure and at peace. And we need to give meanings to what all of those things mean. People shouldn’t be using those affirmations because that was my conclusion, if they dig deep and answer the same questions i did I know they’d come to their own conclusions on this.

My consciousness/god self/ universe  is already giving me so many reasons to feel these things within a week. Firstly I’ve been gifted £100,000 for a house deposit in London which has been my dream for so long. And everyone around me is treating me with so much love and respect. 

I’m also deciding to focus on my other desires that, actually, on reflection...i want more than an sp, like weight loss, moving into my dream house, and getting my dream job working in human rights.

Although, I am still affirming for the rationship of my dreams, just taking a different approach that’s more focussed being in the relationship rather than demanding texts, and being their priority.

From now, everytime i think about relationships i remind myself I am blissfully secure and at peace.

I’m amazed at how far I’ve come. When before, all I did was affirm: sp is constantly texting me, i’m the only girl he’s every wanted. Which, is fine but it all starts with ME.

Sorry this was such a long read. Feel free to share with people I really think my story could help someone out there Because this is coming from a girl who has spent 28 years of existence in the most intense victim mentality you could ever imagine , and on a scale of 1 to 10 of being insecure, i’d say I was a solid 10. And now i’m coming out the other side for the first time in my life.

Thank you so much you are the best ️️️️!

Narley K

Working with Rose was amazing!

She is so patient and kind and knows her stuff!

My self-concept has really transformed; I feel renewed and clear about my power and what I want out of life!

Definitely recommend!!  <3 


"Rozana is an absolutely incredible coach. She is present, loving and kind. I booked a 1:1 unlimited package for her and she was incredibly persistent in her approach. She kept me on track and did NOT let me succumb to any negative thoughts or feelings. I also purchased her SP Workbook and HOLY CRAP!!! This is probably the BEST investment I've ever made in myself in terms of manifesting an SP. She clearly breaks down everything you can do to become crystal clear on this relationship. I have had breakthrough after breakthrough when using this workbook. THANK YOU ROZANA!!"


My review is based on the unlimited coaching for 30days with Rose. Rose has been such an inspiration and amazing coach. Just the questionnaire and package she put together when you first join help break down some moments I needed to see. It was like an “oh wow I never thought of that” moment after reading it. The whole package Is set up so it’s perfect and easy to  read and understand. She is wonderful at coaching and takes the time to talk and hear you out without sugar coating anything. She breaks it down to the point. Her affirmations are custom to your story which she takes the time to write it and really help solve deep issues. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to seriously change their face and their self concept to sign up for her unlimited coaching.


I've done fitness and personal development coaching programs and years of therapy, but I've never felt the transformation and learning really stick. This course really dug out deeply rooted beliefs and emotions and placed them in front of me to really start healing. Facing these beliefs, emotions, and past experiences wasn't easy, but Rose's guidance and support gave me the courage to do the work.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has been ruminating over the same issues for years and feeling that their goals are just a pipedream, always out of reach. Since I began this course, I've had some light and funny manifestations and some that really held a mirror up to me for me to see some hard truths. But most importantly, what I learned in this course was that I can dream bigger than I ever thought I could dream, that through working on myself, I can easily shorten the distance between what I thought were mere fantasies and reality (the 3D). These are lifelong and life-changing lessons. Thank you Rose


I want to thank you, honestly Rose from the bottom of my heart. I was truly hopeless before I started your 8 - week Coaching program. You are a miracle worker - I can truly say that.  I feel you do a beautiful job at helping me understand the neuroscience behind manifestation, deep reflection on self and shifting limiting belief, tough love, you're great at holding space, at making me feel seen, heard, understood, and welcomed, and at helping me make the right connections with right life assignment work you have given me.

I feel much more confident in myself and in charge of my life. I have a deeper understanding of the manifestation process and I trust I am on the right track because I know that now I have the tools to keep up the work. You are hands down the most amazing coach- your insight, wisdom, time, care, and attention are unmatched.

You can take individuals like me who had a decent self-concept and help me realize how worthy and enough I am- you helped me go from a breakup to getting my SP back- and helping me use the tools to sustain the contact because of seeing myself as a mirror to my desires. I feel because of your coaching program I can succeed with confidence in gaining myself as the prize and seeing all my manifestations materialize before my very eyes.

Rose is hands down the best Manifestation Coach I have ever worked with - it's the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend that you work with her because you will see from the first session your life change.

​The coach I worked with in the past was good - at the same time there was nothing about how people reflect our dominant thoughts- I was more invested in getting my desire than working on my self-concept and not being so attached to needing something- and the life work and detailed explanation is something I hadn't received to look back at my inner critic and the work of seeing me as everyone pushed out-

Favorite things about QYL:​​​
1. The weekly coaching sessions - because I love to talk on the spot and get feedback and EFT training and the mediation work on the spot
2. The worksheets I loved because based on me doing the work - you email me on your insights and I could see the limiting beliefs and improvements and life assignment work to do the inner work
3. The DM support because I never felt alone and I felt I could be real about how I felt and you'd give me wisdom and gems to  apply while in the program

Would you recommend this program to others?
Certainly - because it is life-changing and soul-changing

Who would you recommend it to?

To everyone looking to make changes and do the work on themselves.

What was your self-concept like before starting the program vs now?  
I was hopeless honestly, I had so many freaking limiting beliefs it wasn't funny - I felt like this was my last chance at getting my desires, I didn't feel that I could have my desired be manifested by just doing the inner work alone- I lacked confidence, I was jealous, I overanalyzed everything and couldn't see how I could manifest my desires, spiraling and couldn't emotionally regulate at all.

What have you manifested or shifted during this program?
I was able to start to tackle my limiting beliefs, to see my worth in relationship to my desires, I can now identify the story that is being played out good or bad comes from the inner world. I have the power to change me and therefore I realize it is no one to change but self and I have and continue to have self-compassion and love during my life journey as I embody the confident woman who has it all now and not when my desires all manifest.


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