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Personal Success Story: Manifesting Inner Peace & Q&A

Updated: 16 hours ago

It was always odd to me that in the manifestation community, most of the content out there is almost never tailored to manifesting inner peace and happiness. While I understand that no manifestation is different or superior to the other, but I would love to see more content creators emphasise this. I do see a lot of people manifesting the life of their dreams but they still miss out on these feelings.

One thing that I did notice in this community, especially the law of assumption, is that there is this feeling of urgency all the time. Once people discover that they create everything, their entire life, and state of “getting” rather than resting in the knowing that everything is done and taken care of. This is what causes people a lot of stress, and I have been guilty of it to up until this year. Living to get things, rather than living to experience the things that they were manifesting before and have it now. It’s important to have this balance between putting things into practice and just relishing in the present experience.

I have decided 2 months ago to make this process about my own inner peace and happiness. At the end of the day, my happiness is my responsibility and no one else’s. I don’t see why I should just manifest abundance, success & love, and not inner peace. I can have the best of both worlds, so why the fuck not? Why limit me? A lot of us get our desires and then start feeling low again a few weeks down the line. I believe that doing this for myself is also an act of self-love. Valuing my own wellbeing over everything, without making my manifestations conditional to that.

The basics of manifesting are to persist in an assumption till it hardens into fact and living in the wish fulfilled. Personally, I am someone who still practices the feelings as they felt for the longest time like my heart was blocked from these feelings. I would feel very agitated for not tapping into a specific feeling or think something is wrong with me in meditation when they would guide us to feel a certain way. From the perspective of the law of assumption, the feeling that you tap into is the naturalness of having something. Not necessarily the lovey-dovey emotions, though I do believe that these come at some point when you practice living in the end for a good minute.