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Personal Success Story: Manifesting Inner Peace & Q&A

Updated: Jul 27

It was always odd to me that in the manifestation community, most of the content out there is almost never tailored to manifesting inner peace and happiness. While I understand that no manifestation is different or superior to the other, but I would love to see more content creators emphasise this. I do see a lot of people manifesting the life of their dreams but they still miss out on these feelings.

One thing that I did notice in this community, especially the law of assumption, is that there is this feeling of urgency all the time. Once people discover that they create everything, their entire life, and state of “getting” rather than resting in the knowing that everything is done and taken care of. This is what causes people a lot of stress, and I have been guilty of it to up until this year. Living to get things, rather than living to experience the things that they were manifesting before and have it now. It’s important to have this balance between putting things into practice and just relishing in the present experience.

I have decided 2 months ago to make this process about my own inner peace and happiness. At the end of the day, my happiness is my responsibility and no one else’s. I don’t see why I should just manifest abundance, success & love, and not inner peace. I can have the best of both worlds, so why the fuck not? Why limit me? A lot of us get our desires and then start feeling low again a few weeks down the line. I believe that doing this for myself is also an act of self-love. Valuing my own wellbeing over everything, without making my manifestations conditional to that.

The basics of manifesting are to persist in an assumption till it hardens into fact and living in the wish fulfilled. Personally, I am someone who still practices the feelings as they felt for the longest time like my heart was blocked from these feelings. I would feel very agitated for not tapping into a specific feeling or think something is wrong with me in meditation when they would guide us to feel a certain way. From the perspective of the law of assumption, the feeling that you tap into is the naturalness of having something. Not necessarily the lovey-dovey emotions, though I do believe that these come at some point when you practice living in the end for a good minute.

So here are MY steps of how I manifested this:

  1. Decided to remove the urgency of time (You can read here on my Instagram how I did that).

  2. Made this journey about my inner peace & happiness rather than getting, because it is all coming anyway. It comes the quickest when the focus is OFF the lack.

  3. Took note of things in my reality that currently give me the feeling of freedom, safety, joy, and peace. You can write some bullet points underneath each category.

  4. Practiced being present - I have manifested a lot in my life and most of the things I manifested, I actually forgot about because I was focusing on what I am still trying to bring into my reality. So instead, I bring myself back to the present moment and experience the smallest things like a good meal. Not only has this brought my focus back to the present moment (which is all we have), it is also a form of “living in the end.” If you had what you wanted, you wouldn’t be trying to bring it in, and instead, you would be present with having it.

  5. Used affirmations & inner conversations that DON’T feel forced & actually make me feel good. I like listening to affirmation tapes when going for walks, and I have inner conversations with people where they point out that I look so much happier recently, where they ask me how did I manifest this inner peace, and more.

  6. I stopped trying to get into the feeling, and instead asked myself why I’m not getting into it. Things came up to me like the pain I am holding onto/old stories, and that’s how I knew what to shift that aligns me with the end of being at peace. Once I cleared these things, it felt easier to get into the feeling.

  7. Started really telling myself that my heart is open and I can easily tap into any felt experience. And when I don’t feel that way, I reassure myself the way I reassure a friend.

  8. Being my own tough-love coach & cheerleader. I was actually just discussing this with my client and here is what I said “1. Your own tough-love coach- telling yourself to stay on track and not dwell on bullshit 2. Your own cheerleader & best friend like - YES queen you got this! and if you need a hug I will give you one! I love you even when you feel needy and I know you can rise above it all”

I know it seems like a lot, but honestly, it was mostly decision-making and consistency. My day looked something as simple as:

  • Morning intentions/affirmations + 10-15 meditation

  • Inner conversations or affirmation tapes when going for a 30-minute walk

  • Night affirmations + 10-15 meditation

These generally helped me become more stabilised, calmer, and present. There weren’t many thoughts or feelings to fight once I got into the stability. This is where I chose to focus specifically on my manifestations, and there are quite a lot of things that unfolded. Yes, you can manifest even if you feel anxious, angry, sad, or even depressed. Manifestation is a process that is happening all the time. As I said, this is MY own experience and I like to have the best of both worlds - peace of mind AND my manifestations.

The thing that was truly life-changing was NOT placing my happiness in the future. Most of the time we delay feeling happy, free, and peaceful because we think we can only experience these feelings when we get our manifestations. It makes zero fucking sense to do that. It just keeps you in waiting=mode, stress, and trying so hard to bring something to fruition that is already done behind the scenes, and all it takes to get it is to be aligned. It is simply a state away, nothing else, and you can get that any fucking moment. Start taking responsibility for your own happiness! There is literally no use in making something or someone the crutches to your feelings. They are simply energy. You are the prize, not them. Find things that bring you joy NOW. Find things that currently make you feel safe and at ease. If you don’t have any, you can always use your imaginary world - Affirmations, inner conversations, imaginal acts, and more.

I asked my audience what they would like to know about this topic, and here are some of the questions that I have received:

Question 1: Do you think it is permanent happiness?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that. I think people confuse being in a state with a state of being. A state is the thoughts & feelings we embody momentarily. We are all in and out of states all day. State of being is your dwelling place, the place you go back to regardless of what happens in the 3D. Most people, move from a state of neutrality to love to whatever and go back to their dwelling place which is anxiety. So to answer your question, I would say it is my state of being, but that doesn’t mean I don’t experience various states throughout the day.

Question 2: How to get into this state esp when life is a shit show?

I completely understand, trust me, I really do. Here is the thing, you are doing the opposite of what Neville teaches which is not being a slave to your senses. You are currently taking cues from the 3D by deciding to think and feel based on what the 3D presents to you. You can cry and you can be fucking angry, but don’t be a victim of your reality. You can allow yourself to process these emotions so that you’re NOT suppressing shit that comes back eventually 10x stronger, and at the same time, you are letting it go. HOWEVER, there is a fine line between processing shit and dwelling on shit. Cry, then get back up and choose the reality you want regardless. Find things that bring you some form of joy. Use tools that help you to be in a calmer state such as mindfulness and breathwork, take part in activities that elevate you, and that also keeps you physically away from the triggers for a bit. You have to start giving cues instead of taking cues from the 3D. Your imagination is a safe space that you can always use whenever you need it.

Question 3: How did you put yourself first without the fear of your manifestations taking longer?

I briefly touched on this earlier, and I linked a story of mine where I talked about removing this urgency of time. Fear is something that we give so much power to. So for one, take the power away from fear by realising that it is simply one of the many feelings you are experiencing, and it is only growing because you are either suppressing it or too focused on it. Two, it is important to become more self-aware. Take a good look at why you have this fear and why are you holding onto it. Are there consequences you are afraid of? Or do you simply forget you are in control so you cannot lose your manifestation? Or is because you are making your happiness conditional to this desire? Because honestly, the worst-case scenario is that you get your manifestation or you decide to move on, and in both cases, you get the end of feeling fulfilled. I believe that by prioritising how you feel (mental health), you are actually putting yourself first.

Question 4: How to feel peaceful in relation to your close ones? Peaceful fulfilling relationships are valid human needs. As humans, we want to feel belonging connect with specific people. How?

It is valid, but our feelings of belonging are NOT tied to specific people. We have a basic human need to experience love and closeness, we don’t have a human need to be with someone specific. This is where I am actually getting concerned that you NEED someone to be okay. You are the only one standing in your own way. You can and will have these specific people, but you don’t get to put a stop sign on your feelings of joy and happiness until you get the desire. These people are simply reflecting you. They are reflecting the peace you are choosing not to give yourself. The love you are refusing to give to yourself but expect it from others. Take some responsibility for your feelings. People are NOT your oxygen tank. Also, practice feeling peaceful & use affirmations related to that if you would like to. Just stop getting in your own way and making these excuses to not give yourself what you’re seeking from others.

Thank you so much for reading this far! If you would like to work with me 1-1, head to or check out my courses at

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