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Tarot Readings & Manifestation

Tarot reading is a spiritual practice using tarot cards to gain insight and understanding on the past, present and future. Tarot readers are people who specialise in tuning into our energy and using their intuition to guide us. A lot of people ask me about my thoughts on getting tarot readings for a manifestation. Today I'm diving into this topic to explain my thoughts on tarot readings and my own personal experience with tarot.

As conscious creators, we understand by now that everyone is us pushed out. We understand that everyone and everything in this world is a reflection of our inner world - the thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, underlying fears, insecurities and doubts. The ideas we hold about people, relationships, specific genders, society, culture, money, parents, children, and many more. All people do is hold the mirror for us to help us understanding what needs to change. Manifesting is a self-discovery journey that doesn't end unless you stop manifesting and stop desiring things, which is impossible unless you're dead.

Tarot readers are also us pushed out. Therefore, what assumptions you have about a reader or readers in general will reflect. If you believe they're scammers, then you come across readers who try to scam you or give you a reading that makes no sense. That is one aspect that affects a reading. Now, I mentioned earlier that tarot readers, psychics and clairvoyants are highly intuitive. All they do is read your current energy and reflect the thoughts or emotions you're experiencing. I have tested it myself recently: I was mad at someone and thought I should get a reading to look into this, the reading was shit of course. A few hours later I allowed myself to move into a better state of mind and look at the situation differnetly, and the reading was actually good the second time around. Now, if you are getting mixed readings that is probably an indication of your mixed energy, having hot and cold thoughts which result to hot and cold behavior. Also, you have to understand that the messages the readers get are in