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Manifesting School

6-Month Container To Master Manifesting

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What is Manifesting School?

Over the years of helping people manifest, the most common thing I heard was how people felt alone in this journey. They felt like they cannot talk about their passion for manifesting or their desires with people in their circle, which is why I created this container to help you connect with like-minded people.

Connecting with people who are on different parts of their journey elevates your consciousness and allows you to maintain the vision for the future, and also, release the habit of self-comparison. You are put in a place where you have no choice but to face that trigger, but also find a fuckton of inspiration!

Manifesting School: About Me

In This Container You Will:

Master remaining calm & confident

Manifest your desires with ease & unwavering

Release your fears of the worst-case scenario

Manifest the best outcome!

Develop a healthy relationship with your body

Feel comfortable in it.

Eliminate toxic habits

Become your healthiest version

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Forgive, heal & let go

Manifest your SP & have a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Gain clarity on why things are NOT moving.

Get unstuck & accelerate your manifestations.

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What Does It Include?

Monthly Workshops

Diving deep into manifesting concepts disrupts patterns that will change your life once and for all. No topic is off the table.

Imagine feeling so confident and secure with all the principles, you finally find the thing that gets you real results. No more fluff!

Group Coaching

Monthly 90-minute sessions to connect with like-minded people, while receiving group support, personalised advice & breaking through the fear of speaking/vulnerability in a safe group setting to create next-level shifts and open you up to deep, genuine connections.

Monthly Challenges

Monthly challenges to harness your manifestation powers in every area, and transcend any circumstances, AND STILL manifest your desires! This will prep you for the real world!

Facebook Group

A safe space to open, learn & grow from others, while having direct access to my support for 6 months straight!

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