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Client Success: Forgiveness & New Story

Updated: Jul 27

You have probably been watching so many videos and applying different techniques, now that the 3D slapped you in the face, you’re wondering if you should continue putting so much effort in this… You’re asking yourself if it’s time to move on or should you keep going after coming this far. We all want our own magical love story. That fairy tale we want to come to fruition so we can experience all of the beauty of that reality. I hear you…

Recently I was told by my own personal coach a way to recreate myself. It’s not that I don’t like who I am or where I’m currently at, it’s that there is a lot of stuff in my past that I want to completely forget about for good. Forgiveness is forgetting, not just moving on. As I explained a few things that I would like to revise for good without going through each and every single memory, she inspired me to create a Rose 2.0

Rose 2.0 is the person with the life that I wanted to have in the past. She has always been in the state of a Goddess, and she always got what she wanted. Now, I will spare the details of the things I wanted to revise, this is just an example. So recently, I told a client to apply that to her situation where she was always struggling with his hostile behavior, lack of affection, and disrespect. She felt completely unwanted and hurt by his words time after time. No matter what she did or how many times she affirmed or imagined, there was still this internalized pain from his actions and words.

So we decided to come up with a new plan to erase the old stuff, and my client decided to create an SP 2.0 (replace SP with their name). SP 2.0 has always been healthy in mind, body and spirit. They have always been confident, secure and whole with themselves. SP 2.0 fell for you the moment they laid eyes on you. You and SP 2.0 have always been together! SP 2.0 has always been affectionate, tender and sweet with you. As she applied this to her situation, he has been showing up more and more, initiating contact, treating her with kindness and even sending her ice cream!

It is time to drop the struggle, and let go of the past. You don’t have to micromanage every little thing. All you have to do is identify the relationship that you want, with the qualities of the partner you desire and integrate that with SP 2.0. If there is so much pain that you just cannot get over it, I would suggest really working on forgiveness. Whether or not you still want to be with this person, understand that forgiveness is FOR YOU. It literally frees you from that cage you get stuck in, and you are the only one who feels that pain. Holding that image of your specific person is a story alone - they are hurtful, careless, two-faced and everything else. Of course they haven’t reached out to you and/or changed. You need to stop trying to change them because that’s not what we do here. We don’t change people, at all. We change our PERCEPTION of them because it always starts from within.

Write out everything that has happened, journal it all till you feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest. You can write the things you don’t like about this person and the relationship, too. Don’t fear this step, you are already thinking this on a subconscious level so you might as well just let it out. Throw out all of that trash, and then tear the paper away. Following that, you can a) Create Sp 2.0 b) Repeat every night as you fall asleep “I forgive you [SP name] for X, and I know that you are now this new version that I created.”

Seriously, drop the old story. You can’t live in the future as your present moment when you’re stuck in the past that doesn’t even exist. All we have is now, so it is time for you to heal from this and deliberately choose over and over again SP 2.0.

Let me know in the comments, who is your SP 2.0? How do they treat you? What’s the relationship like now?

Do you want my assistance to recreate your specific person? Check out my list of services here or contact me for information.

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