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Patreon Post: Manifest Money on a Time Crunch

I know a lot of you wonder what my posts on Patreon are like, and this is one of my money posts.

I don't always recommend putting a time limit on your manifestation as it can become stressful, and that stress can knock you off your path back to the old story. On the other hand, I understand that sometimes we are faced with time limits. If you have bills coming up, fees, monthly installments, or more, then this post is for you. I got you!

We tend to forget that money is just energy, just like love. The reason we forget that is because we think money is this thing that is way out of our reach. That somehow we have to discover the key to get it in a specific time or that there is somehow a secret ingredient. We give money so much power over us, that it actually manifests into that - Us chasing or begging for money, crying, asking around for ways to make money, and more. So the takeaway from this is to STOP putting money on a pedestal. Seems easier said than done, right? My own coach once told me this:

"Money should never be put on a pedestal because it is just an object that YOU are using. You are above money. You are above money as a human and obviously as the operant power. Putting money on a pedestal is putting an object, a convenience, above God. It doesn't make sense. Meditate on this." Seriously though, meditate on this. Read it three more times. How does it sound to you?

Money is not the issue here. If anything money is literally here waiting for us to take it. But why aren't we seeing it? It's because we're not ready to receive it. We are afraid that we might lose it, or that money just comes when we don't need it, or that we have to work hard to make money (check out my post on money blocks). Understand that these are old programs, and they're not your fault. Yes, we do have to change the programs. But like I said earlier, money is NOT the issue here. The issue is that you are focusing on two things 1. I don't have the money to pay the bills 2. How will it work out?

I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible - It is none of your damn business how it works out. In fact, when you get your manifestation, you ALMOST forget about how it happened or how long it took to get there. You are just living in the moment of having the money, and yeah the bill has been paid so I can relax now. <- This is the energy you want to get into, the end state

How to get into the state?

1. Imagine the bill being paid: See it in your imagination. Go and pay that bill in your imagination and hear the landlord or accommodation team tell you that it went through, and thank you.

2. Now that the bill has been paid, literally, that's out of the way. Now it is time to focus on the money story because we don't want to face this shit again, right? So here you focus on becoming the person who has the money they desire by identifying the following:

a) Monthly income

b) Who are YOU as someone wealthy? What is your attitude? What thoughts and feelings do you experience?

Now take all these answers, and embody them. You are now the person who makes 5k a month, you breathe with confidence and contentment, knowing that everything has been paid for a year in advance. You only think thoughts that indicate how wealthy you are. You feel at peace and in control because money is always here.

Literally, think of money as a person. If you were to tell someone that they're not enough, that they never come to you, and that they suck for hurting you, do you think they will stick around? Money is no different than love or career.

Stop trying to manifest the how to manifest money to manifest paying the bills. Pay the damn bill now, and become the wealthy badass queen/king that you are. Change your mindset completely and start bragging about your wealth. You are in control. Money is always here, and the bill has been taken care of.

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